Frequently asked questions

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Frequently asked questions

Here you will find answers to some of the most frequently asked questions. Of course, you can be sure of a prompt answer by calling a SanFoot specialist at 305-624-0003. Our SanFoot specialists provide world class service, advice and solutions.

Installer FAQs

Why Should I be a Registered SanFoot Pro And How do I Become One ?

Registering as a SanFoot Pro means that you are capable of installing SanFoot Natural Wood Veneer wallcovering. When Architects, Designers and Contractors search for installers of SanFoot, your company will appear in the search results.

Why should I be a Certified SanFoot Pro And How Do I Become One ?

Certified Installers are the best in the business. They have installed SanFoot projects before and have undertaken the required training and been Certified by a SanFoot Pro to have acheived the level of technical expertize and knowledge necessary to have earned Cerified status. Certified installers are recommended to Architects, Designers and Contractors who a searching for an installer.

Is there a charge To Become a Registered or Certified SanFoot Pro ?

There is no charge to become a Registered or Certified installer.

Can I Access Resources Without Becoming a Registered or Certifed SanFoot Pro ?

You do not need to register to access technical and support resources. This website contains all the resources you may need to learn about and understand how to install SanFoot. Registered and Certified SanFoot Installers have unlimited access to continuing education resources and SanFoot clinics. Additionally, SanFoot Registered and Certified Installers appear in search results on this website.

Consumer FAQs

Does The SanFoot Warranty Require Installation By a Certified or Registered Installer ?

No. SanFoot can be installed by any competent wallcovering installers using standard wallcovering tools. Jacaranda warrants the material only as being free defects. Learn more about the warranty here.

Where Can I Acquire Samples For My Project ?

You can get samples from your local SanFoot distributor provide samples. Alternatively you can complete the sample request.

Where Can I Get Help With My Project ?

If you are planning to use SanFoot on your upcoming project and would like help with specification or for a review of your intended application, we'd be glad to help.

Can You Provide Installation Service ?

We do not provide installation services, but you can find an installer here.

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